Sunday Services


9:30AM - 10:20 AMSunday School Class
 Adult Class is held in the auditorium. Youth are divided up according to age and meet in various classrooms adjacent to the auditorium. A greeter will meet you at the front door and assist you in finding the correct classroom for your children. 
10:30AM - 11:30AMSunday Morning Worship
 Everyone meets in the auditorium. A nursery is staffed and located at the rear of the auditorium.
6:00PM - 7:00PMSunday Evening
 Everyone meets in the auditorium.


Wednesday Service


6:30PM - 7:30PM
There are multiple adult classes in the church building and the congregation hall. A church member can assist you in deciding what class you might like to attend. Middle and high school students meet in the basement of the church. Grade school children meet in various classrooms adjacent to the auditorium.



About the Services


We would love to have you attend one of our services. To help you get an idea of how each service works a quick overview is given below.


Sunday School Class - After getting seated in the auditorium, the teacher will lead the class in prayer. The lessons generally focus on a chapter or two from a book in the Bible. A handout of the lesson is located in the back of the auditorium. The teacher will read a few verses and then make some comments. He may ask a question, in which the class may answer or ask additional questions. As a visitor, you are welcome to ask questions or make comments, however, don't worry, the teacher will not call on you unless you want to speak. The class lasts for approximately 45-50 minutes at which time a bell will ring to signify that the classes should transition to the worship service. There will be about 10 minutes for people to greet each other and prepare for the worship service.


Sunday Morning Worship - Visitors are welcome to sit anywhere in the auditorium. At 10:30 AM a gentleman will begin the service with some announcements. This will be followed by the singing of several songs. Another gentleman will lead the congregation in an opening prayer. This will be followed by one or two more songs. After the songs, four men will conduct the communion. Christian visitors are welcome to partake of the bread and cup as they are passed down the rows. After communion, an offering is taken. As a visitor, you may make a contribution, but you are not expected too. The next part of the service involves the message presented by the minister. This will conclude with a hymn of invitation and a closing prayer.


Wednesday Night Class – Visitors are welcome to attend a less informal service. Topics vary and we meet in various locations in the building. When arriving at the building, someone will help assist you in the meeting location.